Human Trafficking: A Topic that Gets a Reaction Out of People

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In this fifth episode of season 2 of All the Rage, we talk human trafficking in popular culture with Dr. Bryan Carr, host of Serious Fun. From Taken to The Punisher to The Girl Who Played with Fire, we discuss the various ways modern day slavery has found its way into the popular culture and how these depictions influence the public.

Episode Guests: Dr. Bryan Carr

Bryan-CarrBryan Carr is an assistant professor in the Communication and Information Science departments at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay, where he teaches courses in the mass media and game studies emphases. His work focuses on popular culture, particularly in terms of identity representation and negotiation in superhero comics, video games, and sports. His work on these subjects has been published in the Journal of Entertainment and Media Studies and the Southwest Mass Communication Journal, as well as in edited volumes like Parasocial Politics, Re/Framing Identifications, The 100 Greatest Video Games, and From Jack Johnson to LeBron James: Sports, Media, and the Color Line.