Psych and Stuff: Art, Ecology, and Psychology – A Celebration of Earth Week (w/Kristy Deetz)

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In this episode, we talk with artist and UW-Green Bay faculty member Kristy Deetz about art, ecology, and psychology as we celebrate Earth Week. We delve into this year’s Earth Day theme “Restore Our Earth” to uncover how art can help motivate us to be more ecologically-minded, and how art might just be able to heal us and our planet. We were inspired by some of Kristy’s amazing eco-art including her series titled, Earth Texts. See her website for more of her awesome art at  

*Episode Note: John Sabraw extracts toxic drainage from abandoned coal mines.  The iron oxide he extracts is used to create a series of colors by Gamblin paint company called Reclaimed Earth.

Episode Guests: Kristy Deetz

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