Results: Online Anger Consequences Questionnaire (OACQ)

The Online Anger Consequences Questionnaire (OACQ) yields three scores:

  • Online Insult/Offend,
  • Online Aggression, and a
  • Total Score.

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Score Comparisons

Minimum Score0.000.000.00
Maximum Score24.0024.0048.00
90th Percentile1.002.003.00
95th Percentile2.004.856.00
99th Percentile14.4814.5727.10

High scores for Online Insult/Offend are indicative of someone who frequently gets into arguments he or she later regret, gets into trouble at work due to something he or she posts, or experiences other similar consequences.

High scores for Online Aggression are indicative of someone who lies about others on social networking sites, uses social networking as a way of getting revenge, or is just generally cruel to others online. 

The Total Score is simply a combination of the two scores.  High scores are indicative of someone who routinely experiences negative consequences associated with online anger (e.g., aggression toward others online, posting something he or she regrets, losing a friend or family member).

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