Why We Get Mad: The Esquire/NBC News Survey

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In this last episode of our special series on anger, Ryan and Sammy talk through the The NBC News/SurveyMonkey/Esquire Online Poll, and reflect on what the findings mean while connecting to previous guests.

The NBC News/SurveyMonkey/Esquire Online Poll was conducted from November 20 to 24, 2015, among a national sample of 3,257 adults ages 18 and over, including a targeted sample of adults with an education level of high school or less. Data for this survey have been weighted for age, race, sex, education, region, evangelism, and religious affiliation to reflect the demographic composition of the United States.

Why We Get Mad is a special series of the Psychology and Stuff Podcast where Ryan talks with experts on different aspects of the anger experience. From psychologists to historians to artists, the show will cover all the different reasons we get mad and how we can use that anger in positive ways.

Show Notes:

See the results of The NBC News/SurveyMonkey/Esquire Online Poll here.

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